We Support Your Independent Life

Everhome provides 24/7 on-demand assistance for seniors living independently whenever they need an extra hand at home, emergency repair or a quick errand ran. Everhome can scale up and down with your needs each month, and your membership covers the cost of all services and repairs we provide.

Free 7 day trial, no credit card required · Starts at just $40 per month · Support 24/7 · No contracts or commitments

How it works

You or a family member can request us to come help via chat, email, text or call 24/7
1. Sign up for a membership

Pick your membership level, which includes a certain number of in-person requests per month.

2. Contact us for an extra hand 24/7

Email, chat, txt us when you need help at home, emergency home repairs or to run a quick errand for you.

3. We'll dispatch our team

We'll immediately send out one of our Everhome team members to fix the emergency, or a trusted partner if it’s something more serious.

Requests included with all membership plans
Your membership covers the cost of all services and repairs we provide

Help at Home

Everhome can help you when you need an extra hand at home, lifting something heavy, or other things like:

  • Setting up furniture
  • Hauling away large trash
  • Lifting something heavy
  • Help outdoors in your yard

Emergency Home Repairs

Everhome provides on-demand help with household breakdown and emergency repairs including:

  • Fixing a leaky faucet
  • Igniting a pilot light
  • Unclogging a toilet or drain
  • Maintaining smoke alarms


Everhome can help when you need us to run a quick errand within your home's zone including:

  • Picking up medicine
  • Going to get groceries
  • Getting gas for car
  • Washing your car
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Your membership covers the cost of all services and repairs we provide.

Rest-assured knowing you can request help from us via email, text, chat or phone. We're your first call for an extra hand.


Everhome membership starts at $40 per month, which includes 1 at-home service, emergency repair or errand request per month. Everhome scales up and down with your needs, so if you need additional services for a given month, we'll simply add an additional $40 per extra request. Or you can prepay for additional monthly requests and save money:

Monthly Price Monthly Requests
$40 base fee 1 monthly help request, repair or errand
$75 monthly 2 help requests, repair or errands 6% savings
$110 monthly 3 help requests, repair or errands 8% savings
$140 monthly 4 help requests, repair or errands 12% savings
Help at Home

Your membership includes up to on-call visits from our friendly Everhome support team, who are all background-checked and insured.

Available by Text, Chat, Email and Phone

Something breaks and you're not sure where to turn? Access help from us by text, chat, email or phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Extended Repairs

If we can’t repair the issue ourselves, we can coordinate with our network of licensed plumbers, contractors, electricians, plumbers and handymen, at discounted rates. If the repair qualifies, your membership also grants you cash reimbursements for the work done at your home.

Service Is At Our Core

We want to make your experience with Everhome as pleasant as possible, so we ensure our team will treat you with respect and friendliness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on how many requests your plan includes, each member is entited to at least one (1) at-home requests per month. You are able to prepay for additional requests, otherwise you'll be billed if you use additional requests above your plan level, at the normal rate.
Yes, you are able to change your address anytime during your membership year to your new address if you move.
Coverage applies to anyone you add to the membership. You may add up to two (2) members per household, including yours. You can add additional members to your household for a small fee.
No, your membership only covers the homes you have added in your Dashboard.
Yes, you will receive a pro-rata refund of the dues you paid, excluding any new member admission fee and any discounts received.
Yes, if there are multiple services you need performed, you can opt-in to have them all done at the same time that will count against your monthly request limit.